Access and proximity to a rail terminal is key for intermodal transportation. Although the number of terminals is growing, there are still many blind spots to be found. Furthermore, attractive terminals report of running to their full capacity. And not always do the parameters of a specific terminal fit to the actual demand. Thus, it can become a limiting factor in shifting more freight from road to rail.

At the same time rail sidings tend to become more and more unattractive, due to various reasons (e.g. as traditional mass rail freight such as coal and ore is declining). Quite often these valuable access points to the railway infrastructure have to be closed as a continued operation is not profitable anymore.

A number of rail sidings have the potential to be upgraded to a terminal and thus can increase the attractiveness of intermodal transportation

TERMINAL EVERYWHERE identifies rail sidings, which have the potential to be upgraded to an intermodal terminal. Therefore, prerequisites will be pointed out as well as requirements that need to be met in order to ensure an efficient operation. This action involves relevant decision makers in order to derive competitive parameters and develop a solution which meets the demand of the market.