The intermodal transport market can be regarded as rigid with some entry barriers. Shippers and LSPs need a certain size and transport volumes in order to benefit from its full potential.  This is mainly due to the efficiency that resides in rail itself: in order to leverage the full potential of a single (!) freight train the equivilant of at least 30 trucks have to be moved. Furthermore intermodal transportation heavily depends on balanced freight flows, meaning that a shipment from A to B needs an exact counterpart from B to A. This puts a high burden on shifting more freight from road to rail.

MATCH2RAIL consolidates freight flows that are suitable to be shipped on rail and thus enables shippers and LSPs to benefit from the potential of intermodal transportation

The action MATCH2RAIL supports shippers and LSPs in identifying attractive options to shift more freight from road to rail by matching their individual freight flows with those of other parties. This leads to critical transport volumes, enabling all parties involved to benefit from efficiencies that reside in intermodal transportation.