Frequently Asked Questions

What is shift2030 about?

shift2030 brings those together who are willing to work on a modal shift. We follow a hands-on approach, in close cooperation with the market and decision makers. Our work is focused on ACTION(S): we want to demonstrate how rail freight can become more competitive and what innovations are to be introduced in short-term.  We also point out current hurdles and restrictions that need to be overcome in order to shift more freight from road to rail. This is supported by a broad PR and social media coverage.

Why is shift2030 needed?

Besides all pledges, plans and good intentions: a modal shift from road to rail has not been achieved so far. However, technologies and solutions are available, which have the potential to increase competitiveness and attractiveness of rail freight. It is of great importance to show this in the field, as there is still reluctance by decision makers to shift more freight from road to rail. A successful demonstration in a real-live setting can lead to a different perception of rail freight. Thus, this initiative is a valuable contribution to achieve the EU climate targets for the transportation sector by 2030.

Why is it important to shift from road to rail?

The ambitious EU climate targets and its resulting requirements defined by EU policy put a high, unprecedented pressure on todays way of transporting goods in the EU. Shippers as well as carriers/LSPs have to re-think and work on solutions to ship greener with less GHG emissions. An effective way is to use railway transportation, as rail is 5x more energy efficient and emits 80% less CO2 than road transportation.

What makes shift2030 different?

We focus on ACTION(S) in order to demonstrate existing and new solutions as well as technologies for rail freight and intermodal in real live. In doing so we involve relevant stakeholder and decision maker along the transport chain (including LSP and shippers) to ensure that tested ACTION(S) really meet the demand.

What exactly are “ACTION(S)”?

ACTION(S) are precise measures and activities in real-live (e.g. pilots, field tests) which show the potential of rail freight. ACTION(S)  also point out what is missing and currently hinders to shift more goods from road to rail… and how to overcome this. Industry partner are always involved in order to verify the feasibility and market need of ACTION(S).

How can I contribute to shift2030?

There are 3 ways to get involved: members are individuals, who manage shift2030 and bring the initiative forward. Partners are commercial organizations and companies that (financially) support shift2030 and contribute with their input for actions. Friends are like-minded not for profit organizations and associations that share the same mission and ideas.