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shift2030 welcomes the European Year of Rail and urges to take action

The ambitious climate targets for 2030 can only be achieved if all parties concerned take rail freight into account. Politics has finally started to practice what they preach. Now it is key to convince those who decide day in and day out whether to ship by road or rail (or combined), i.e. freight forwarders and shippers. Read more…

shift2030 wants to vitalise rail freight

The recently founded non-profit organisation shift2030 brings together all parties who are willing to work on a modal shift. According to their motto ‘Time for Action(s)’, shift2030 wants to demonstrate how the competitiveness of rail freight can be improved and which innovations are to be introduced very soon. In doing so,  shippers and the transport industry shall be involved. Read more…




Learn more about the new initative shift2030 and how fresh ideas can vitalize rail freight

From 15:00 until 16:00

online (weblink will be shared prior to the event)

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