vitalize rail freight... The unique initiative to competitive ... demonstrationg fresh ideas how rail freight can become more … with the ambition to achieve the demanding climate targets for the EU transport sector by 2030.

Time for ACTION(S)

Whilst other sectors did improve over the past 30 years, the EU transport sector failed to reduce GHG emissions. The dominant way of transporting goods still is on road, with all its well-known negative effects.

At the same time, eco-friendly rail freight did not catch up. Besides all pledges, plans and good intentions: a modal shift from road to rail has not been achieved so far.

This is why shift2030 has been founded. Focussing on ACTION(S), we demonstrate fresh ideas and innovative technologies that can vitalize rail freight with the ambition to achieve the demanding climate targets for the EU transportation sector by 2030.



“KV akut” has been launched to promote the advantages of combined transportation – addressing in particular the recent increase of truck toll in Germany.  more…

The Match2Rail concept has been introduced together with shift2030 partner digi-trust. Door-to-door freight flows are easily being matched with existing services in combined transport. In addition, virtual trains are being created by bundling flows  Read more…

shift2030 proudly supports the CT4EU campaign promoting combined transport to achieve the climate goals. Combined transport reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% and energy demand by up to 70%.  Read more…

shift2030 is happy to announce that Rail&Sea joined our network of partners  Read more…


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