More and more shipper pledge to reduce their carbon footprint. In transport and logistics, an effective way is to transport goods by rail, saving 80% in CO2 emissions compared to diesel trucks. Nevertheless, the share of rail freight is approx. 20% and has been stagnating for years. This has been recognized by politics and therefore ambitous targets have been defined to increase the market share rail freight to 30% by 2030. However, without a certain comittment by shippers, these target cannot be achieved.

Commit2Rail shows to which degree individual shipper are considering rail freight to achieve their climate targets

This is why the action Commit2Rail takes a closer look at individual shipper strategies how they want to become carbon-neutral in the field of freight transport and to which degree they consider rail freight. Specifically, it will be analysed why a certain shipper is already following a clear strategy to use rail freight, whereas its direct competitor is not – although both should have similar transport requirements.