The share of semitrailer in intermodal transportation has grown over the past years. However, semitrailer have certain disadvantages e.g. with regards to weight and volume compared to other loading units. This in turn may have a negative impact on an efficient and competitive intermodal transport in comparism to road transportation.

Yet, various innovative loading units (esp. swap bodies) have been developed with advantegous parameters that allow logistics service provider to perform intermodal transportation in a more efficient and competitive way.

A lot of efficiency can be gained in intermodal transportation – if the right loading unit is being used

CLEVER UNIT compares various loading unit types and outlines the respective benefits in the setting of a field test involving industry partner and logistics service provider. This action will demonstrate how the usage of specific loading units can result in a more efficient operation of intermodal transportation and thus enable a more competitive offer to the market.

Results will be made public in order to replicate.