Let’s face it: rail is a rather complex transportation system. Minor impacts can have a huge effect on the entire network, with far-reaching consequences. Disturbances and delays also affect attractiveness and trust in this eco-friendly transportation system and thus could make shippers and logistics service providers (LSP) reluctant to shift more goods from road to rail.

So what are the obstacles and issues that lead to problems on tracks? And how could they be tackled? Even this is a rather complex question to answer.

An end-to-end view on disruptions in railway operations is needed to improve quality

The action QUALITY4RAIL closely looks into disturbances in rail operations, based on real data and real occurances. Therefore we involve relevant stakeholder and will monitor causes and effects.

A detailed analysis will be performed based on actual status information and data received from all parties involved; followed by a root cause.

We also take into account affected parties like LSPs, shippers and others in order to demonstrate the effects of disruptions in rail on their supply chains as well as the committments towards their customers.

The results will give more insight in order to address issues and improve quality in rail.