Way too often a negative image is associated with rail freight: a slow, unreliable and unflexible transport mode. This leads to reluctance by decision makers to shift more freight from road to rail. In fact, new technologies and concepts made rail freight competitive already today in certain markets. For instance, intermodal transportation is a success story with an annual growth rate of 5% . Furthermore, not all relevant parties in logistics and transportation may be aware of the services in rail freight and which innovative solutions  are already available. Thus, it is of great importance to communicate with the relevant audience. This will lead to a new perception of rail freight.

Rail freight needs a powerful image campaign in order to show what rail can provide already today- and what more is to come

TIME TO SHIFT is a state-of-the-art image and PR campaign, that adresses an outdated perception of rail freight, triggers the audience to look deeper into current rail freight solutions and motivates to learn more about upcoming innovations, which will facilitate shifting goods from road to rail.

This campaign shall focus on social media and events.