Railway operations heavily depend on capital-intensive assets like locomotives, wagons and other equipment. Its full utilization is key in order to perform an efficient operation and thus to be competetive with other modes of transport, like road. At the same time, railway undertakings (RU) may be hindered to operate due to missing equipment, which (potentially) may be available at another RU.  Some RUs already do share their equipment (esp. locomotives) in order to reduce expenditures during idle time. However, this is still a niche and processed in a highly manual way. Furthermore it lacks visibility and easy access.

Railway undertakings can improve efficiency and competitiveness notably by sharing capital-intensive rail assets

RAILSHARE will introduce an innovative IT platform to match supply and demand for shared railway assets. Using modern, real-time technology, a high degree of visibitliy and accessibility will be achieved. This action will contribute to the railway sector by providing an easy-to-use tool which will allow railway undertakings to use their assets to its full capacity and gain access to needed resources at the same time. Thus, railway undertakings can improve their efficiency and competitevness.